Key links for plastic parts processing

2021-06-25 11:50:27 / Trade news / Visited:

The key to the processing of plastic parts. A variety of plastics are made into the desired product or blanks. Due to the use of the required products, the required strength is also different, in the process of plastic parts, for strength There is the following requirements:

1. Processing according to the confirmation drawings or written documents, can not replace the material, shape, thickness, and other changes in the intensity, the plastic parts are in principle, which requires good toughness, wear resistance, low price, and a certain strength.

2. When the product of sheet metal or machine is replaced with plastic parts, the thickness of the plastic product increases, and the specific design thickness will depend on the product structure.

3. Any part that cannot be bonded once, requires firm, flat, end Qi, and no hazard.