The current situation and development direction of automobile brake pad industry at home and abroad

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Automobile brake linings are commonly known as "brake pads" and can be divided into two categories according to their uses: service brakes and parking brakes. Service brakes are divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. Automobile brake linings are key safety parts in the automobile industry. Automobile braking and parking are inseparable from them. The quality of automobile brake linings is directly related to the safety of people’s lives and property, and its functional status is not It goes without saying.

Current status of foreign industries

The brake pad industry in developed foreign countries is currently in a leading position in terms of technology and quality management. The development of brake pad manufacturers and vehicle enterprises is synchronized. From the selection of brake pads to the sample production, noise testing and testing are required. Rack test, matching test and road test in winter and summer are repeated tests until its performance meets the requirements and is stable before mass production.

At the same time, due to the huge domestic brake pad market, good economic environment, cheap labor and other factors, foreign brake pad companies are now showing a trend of gradually transferring production capacity to my country. While this situation is driving the development of the domestic brake pad industry, there are also hidden worries. Well-known foreign companies have advantages in products, brands, and capital, which poses a challenge to national companies.

From the current world-wide technological development of brake pads, the most successful research and application of semi-metal formulations should be in North America; the most successful research and application of low-metal formulations should be in Europe; for NAO (non-asbestos organics) The most successful formulation research and application should be Japan. However, looking at the development trend of brake pad products in the whole world, although various formula systems have their application markets, the low-metal formula and NAO formula have become the trend that guides the development of friction materials. Now NAO formula friction materials have occupied the North American mainframe. More than 60% of the market, although metal-free friction materials still occupy the main part of the European friction material market, there are already quite a lot of mainframes and after-sales markets that have a certain demand for NAO formula friction materials.

Status of the domestic industry

Due to the late start of China’s automobile industry, the narrow market for auto parts industry, and the lack of knowledge of the brake pad industry in China, the brake pad industry has been in a state of hesitation and exploration, which has caused the automobile brake lining industry to be relatively advanced compared to the international advanced level. Big gap. Long-term adherence to the old technology model in terms of process, equipment and standards, slow technological progress, new product development and product quality upgrading and other aspects lag behind market demand; management is relatively extensive, product technical specifications cannot enter the standard evaluation system of the mainstream international market, The export share is negligible.

With the development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, especially with the rapid growth of export trade in recent years, we have many opportunities to communicate with foreign advanced manufacturing companies and automobile OEMs, including friction material manufacturers including top European and American companies And raw material suppliers have successively landed in China, joint ventures, wholly-owned factories, such as brake friction lining companies such as TMD, Federal-Mogul, Morse, and production equipment companies such as Haywick, Link, Green, etc., to make China's brake linings The film industry has obtained a lot of information and improvements in raw materials, production processes, production equipment, test methods and standards, test equipment, and international brake lining development trends. The production capacity has been greatly increased, coupled with the increase in scientific research, our The products have now entered the international after-sales market. Taking Shandong Jinqilin Group and Shandong Xinyi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. as typical representatives, they have formed an annual production capacity of more than 20 million sets of automobile brake friction pads, and the variety range has expanded to more than 2,000 A series of brake friction linings for non-asbestos cars, light vehicles, and commercial vehicles are provided for OEMs and brake factories. The export volume of the products accounts for a considerable share of the total output.